Pilates Reformer

Surely the best known of the devices invented by Joseph Pilates, the reformer is also the most versatile piece of equipment. Using a sliding cart, springs, a foot bar and leather straps, the reformer offers a huge variety of exercises of varying difficulty, which allow you to work all parts of the body.

We offer classic Pilates group classes on our beautiful Gratz brand reformers.

You can discover our exceptional range of Pilates equipment by booking private classes.

Pilates Mat

Pilates mat (on the floor) is the basis of the Pilates method. The floor practice is performed through thirty-four original exercises created by Joseph Pilates.

Our Pilates mat classes are accessible to adults of all ages. They allow you to optimize your body alignment, strengthen yourself in a very deep way, and rebalance your body's muscles.

For a broader and deeper mastery and knowledge of the discipline, we encourage our students to take our Pilates classes on the ground and on the apparatus.

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