Ballet Form

Ballet Form® is a bar method, designed by Jenny Backlund-Jenkins, our master teacher and founder of Future Form.

It is a hybrid discipline that combines elements of Pilates, ballet, barre à terre and flexibility. This fusion guarantees a dynamic, feminine and elegant class that is accessible to everyone. Ballet Form focuses on balance, body strengthening, posture, body movement and self-esteem.

Based on simple classical dance exercises, a Ballet Form® class lasts 55 minutes and is choreographed with the most beautiful pieces of music. The class integrates small Pilates machines such as the magic circle and light dumbbells into choreographed movements.

Teaser Ballet Form in Nice in the studio - Ballet Form classes
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Ballet Form Air

Ballet Form Air® is a hybrid discipline, based on a fusion of techniques used in Ballet Form®, suspension classes, Pilates and classical dance. The exercises are designed to improve physical strength, control, flexibility and also to give a very unique flying sensation. The discipline is very elegant and includes graceful and fluid choreography.

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Ballet Form

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