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Future Form Pilates Education is a Pilates teacher training organization based in Nice. Our teacher training programs are unique in the Pilates community as they bridge the gap between classic and contemporary Pilates schools.

Our approach is based on the values of rigour and precision, but also and above all on respect for the origins of the discipline. Our program, designed by Jenny Backlund-Jenkins, uses world-class facilities and teaching resources. 

Our goal is to train exceptional teachers. Your career as a Pilates teacher begins here!

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Programme

The complete Future Form Pilates teacher training represents the total fulfillment of our training offer. It is an extremely rigorous and highly innovative program that aims to train exceptional Pilates teachers.

In accordance with the classic Pilates programme, developed by Joseph Pilates himself, the complete FFPE training is divided into four parts; Beginner System, Intermediate System 1, Intermediate System 2 and Advanced System. 

The total duration of the training is 704 hours, including training weekends, observational work, personal practice and teaching practice. The typical duration of the full programme is 12 to 24 months, depending on the amount of time the apprentice requires to complete all requisite practice and observational hours.

Apprentices will learn to master all the equipment of the Pilates method: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Arm Chair, Barrel, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Pedi Pole - as well as all ancillary equipment (Foot Corrector, Toe Exerciser, Magic Circle, Arm Weights, Breath-A-Cizer).

The training program is developed by our master teacher, Jenny Backlund-Jenkins, who is also the teacher and training director.

Pilates Mat Programme

Our Mat teacher training programme is designed for those who want to start off by teaching Mat Pilates as a Mat discipline.

In the same way as our complete programme, the FFPE Pilates Mat training is divided into four parts; Beginner System, Intermediate System 1, Intermediate System 2 and Advanced System - in accordance with the classic Pilates system, developed by Joseph Pilates.

The total duration of the Mat training is 211 hours, including training weekends, observation work, personal practice and teaching practice.

The Mat training is an integral part of the complete training. Thus, students who have completed the Mat training will have the opportunity, in a second step, to reintegrate the Apparatus part of the training, in order to become a complete Pilates teacher.

The training program is developed by our master teacher, Jenny Backlund-Jenkins, who is also the teacher and training director.

Comprehensive Pilates "Bridge" Programme

Future Form Pilates Education's complete 'Bridge' training is a unique training programme in France, only available to Pilates teachers who have already completed a full training elsewhere.

The Pilates teacher training market is increasingly filled with training organisations whose approach is to produce Pilates teachers as quickly as possible, and at the lowest possible cost.

Alas, this approach is not at all well adapted to the Pilates method: an extremely rich and sophisticated discipline, which requires a total and assiduous investment from those who want to truly master it. This is why we frequently welcome teachers who are already working professionally and who are looking for additional training, allowing them to acquire a more complete and rigorous knowledge of the classic Joseph Pilates system.

In order to take the Bridge training, apprentices must attend all the training weekends, and pass the assessments and exams at the end, but do not need to complete the observation and practice hours, required in the comprehensive programme.

If you are already a Pilates teacher and you are interested in training "Bridge", contact us to find out more about the admission criteria.

Why become a Pilates teacher with FFPE?

Before embarking on a career as a Pilates instructor, ask yourself two important questions: what type of training you want to do and, most importantly, with which trainer.

Pilates training is about much more than mastering a sequence of exercises - it's about the foundation of your philosophy of practice, the establishment of your teaching approach, and the profound way you understand the discipline. These will be the building blocks of our teaching career.

Therefore, it is extremely important to identify with the training organization and, most importantly, with those who will be responsible for your training.

Jenny Backlund-Jenkins, Director of Training at Future Form Pilates Education, is a committed, passionate and respected teacher in the Pilates community in France.

Jenny is a Pilates teacher with a lot of experience. She has worked her entire career in the field of body movement - having pursued an international career as a professional dancer for 20 years, before retiring in 2010 to devote herself to the Pilates method.

Jenny has completed two Pilates teacher training courses: first with Balanced Body, a world-renowned training organization and contemporary Pilates equipment manufacturer. And then with Mejo Wiggins, an internationally renowned master teacher and heir to the knowledge of Romana Kryzanowska, the eponymous founder of the Romana school, and also master teacher of Joseph Pilates' teaching around the world in the 20th century. Jenny is thus a third generation disciple of "Joe's" teaching. The training program of Future Form Pilates Education is therefore based on the original mastery of the founder of the discipline.

Your development as a Pilates instructor will take place under Jenny's tutelage, and you will have access to her methodology, know-how and advice throughout the training.

Jenny Backlund-Jenkins
Training Director, FFPE

A perfect union between classic and contemporary Pilates

The Future Form Pilates Education is unique in the Pilates community as it is a comprehensive program that bridges the gap between classic and contemporary Pilates schools.

FFPE firmly believes that the authenticity and richness of the Pilates method lies in its origins. For this reason, mastery of the classicalrepertoire of Pilates is the foundation of ourtraining program.

Nevertheless, FFPE is fully aware that in the modern fitness industry, teachers are focusing more on teaching Pilates as "more contemporary". Contemporary Pilates is defined by the modification of certain criteria of classical Pilates. For example, with contemporary Pilates, there are more group classes and a diverse range of equipment from different manufacturers is used. Unlike classical Pilates, which fully respects these two criteria.

Therefore, in order to prepare apprentice teachers for a more diversified, demanding and modern environment, FFPE has adopted a two-pronged approach: 

1) Teach the complete classic Pilates method in a flawless manner, using traditional Gratz brand equipment .

2) Then this teaching will be supplemented by another one in parallel which will counter how to teach with contemporary equipment. Emphasis will also be placed on how to deliver mixed level group classes effectively.

This hybrid approach is very innovative - no other Pilates teacher training organization currently offers a program with such scope and detail.

Future Form Pilates Education's training programme is extremely rigorous and detailed. The training is accompanied by a personalised pedagogical approach. The number of places is therefore limited in each training cycle.

Our trainees are usually apprentices. Our aim is to carefully monitor their professional development - even after they have completed their initial training.

In order to be able to fully master what they have learned during the training weekends, the apprentices have to spend hundreds of hours in our studio, working together, learning with Jenny, and improving their practice by having contact with real clients.

FFPE's objective is to provide each of our apprentices with all the necessary skills and tools to become, one day, masters of the discipline.

A very complete program and a very rigorous teaching

World-class facilities and learning resources

FFME's teacher training centre is totally adapted to allow you to achieve the excellence of the Pilates method.

It is located in a sublime, large and bright studio, right next to the emblematic Place Masséna, in the heart of Nice. The space is equipped with the best classical(Gratz) and contemporary (Balanced Body) equipment. The studio has several areas dedicated to floor work, relaxation or personal study. 

In order to allow the apprentice teachers to carry out all their required hours of observation, personal practice and pedagogical practice, we give them access to all FFME facilities for twenty-four months from the start date of the training.

The opportunities for a certified Pilates Instructor are very diverse and rewarding. It is a profession that can be practiced worldwide and in many professional settings. According to market research, it is estimated that the global Pilates market will triple in value between 2017 and 2025. 

Our trainings are adapted to various professional profiles. It is a continuous training that can affect both professionals in the field of sports and body movement, as well as people looking for an additional activity or a new career (reconversion).

There is no typical FFPE candidate, but the training is particularly adapted to the following profiles:

  • Holders of the state certificate of sports educator
  • ALS AGEE CQP holders
  • STAPS Licensees
  • Physiotherapists and other paramedical professionals
  • Professional dancers and dance teachers
  • Top sportsmen and women
  • Sports coaches from other disciplines (fitness, martial arts, yoga, etc.)
  • Anyone who is passionate about Pilates and wishes to change their career

The opportunities for a certified Pilates Instructor are very diverse and rewarding. It is a profession that can be practiced worldwide and in many professional settings. Here are a few examples:

  • Teaching in Pilates centres
  • Teaching in dance halls, gyms and other fitness facilities
  • Teaching in private companies, in collaboration with works councils
  • Doing business in the events, hotel and leisure sector
  • Work in collaboration with professionals in the paramedical sector, such as physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors.
  • Working in collaboration with professionals in the fitness and well-being sector, such as sports coaches or masseurs.
  • Work with athletes, organizations, or sports associations of all types and levels.
  • Working with individual clients
  • Working with coaching and animation companies
  • Open your own Pilates centre (...after many years of experience!)

In order to be eligible to register for the Pilates Teacher Training, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a working knowledge of French and English (not necessarily mastery, but the ability to communicate in both languages).
  • Have attained an intermediate-advanced level of Pilates as a student. Candidates will be required to pass an entrance test to prove a sufficiently high level of Pilates practice to begin training.

An exciting job in a growing economic sector

What do teachers trained by Future Form Pilates Education say?

The 2020 training cycles

Future Form Pilates Education offers two training cycles each year: 1 in spring and 1 in autumn. The next training cycle starts in November 2020. You can download our brochure directly, in French or English, by following the links below.

If you would like to be kept informed of the next training cycles, subscribe to the newsletter, or contact us directly, if you have any further questions.

Training funding

Future Form Pilates Education meets the legal obligation to register with the DIRECCTE PACA, and is registered under the activity number 93060858006 (this number does not constitute state approval).

FFPE is DATADOCK registered, in accordance with Decree n°2015-790 of 30 June 2015 relating to the quality of continuing professional training actions. This listing gives all our training courses the possibility of being financed by the professional training funding bodies: Organismes Paritaires et Collecteurs Agréés (OPCA), OPACIF, Pôle Emploi, AGEFIPH.

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