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Group classes of Pilates mat, Pilates reformer, Yoga, Aerial Yoga & Ballet Form in Nice!



Founded in 2014, Future Form Studio is a modern and complete centre for Pilates (group classes on mat and machine), Ballet Form®, Yoga, Cardio Dance and aerial disciplines, located in a beautiful and luminous 200 m2 space, right next to the emblematic Place Massena, in the heart of Nice.

Now the reference in lifestyle Pilates, Yoga and fitness boutique on the French Riviera, Future Form Studio and its team of exceptional teachers welcome you Monday to Saturday, with its complete programme of group classes, on site and online. If you're new to the studio, don't miss out on our introductory offer!

Pilates Reformer

Surely the best known of the devices invented by Joseph Pilates, the reformer is also the most versatile piece of equipment. Using a sliding cart, springs, a foot bar and leather straps, the reformer offers a huge variety of exercises of varying difficulty, which allow you to work all parts of the body.

We offer classic Pilates group classes on our beautiful Gratz brand reformers.

You can discover our exceptional range of Pilates equipment by booking private classes.


Pilates Mat

Pilates mat (on the floor) is the basis of the Pilates method . The floor practice is done through thirty-four original exercises created by Joseph Pilates.

Our Pilates mat classes are accessible to adults of all ages, and allow you to optimize alignment, strengthen yourself in a very deep way, and rebalance the muscles of your body.

In order to have a broad and deep mastery and knowledge of the discipline, we encourage our students to take our Pilates classes on the ground and on the apparatus.

Ballet Form

Ballet Form® is a barre method, designed by Jenny Backlund-Jenkins, our master teacher and the founder of Future Form.

It is a hybrid discipline that fuses elements of Pilates, ballet, barre à terre and flexibility. The result is a dynamic, feminine and elegant class that is accessible to everyone. Ballet Form emphasizes balance, body strengthening, posture, body movement and self-esteem.

 Based on simple ballet exercises, a Ballet Form® class lasts 55 minutes and is choreographed to the most beautiful pieces of music. The class is developed through the integration of small Pilates apparatus, such as the magic circle and light dumbbells, into the choreographed movements.

If you are interested in becoming a Ballet Form teacher, discover our teacher training programme.

Ballet Form group lessons at Future Form Nice
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Future Form offers excellent vinyasa, hatha and ashtanga yoga classes in the heart of Nice.

We work with the best teachers, in order to offer you a variety of different styles of yoga, from the most zen and meditative classes, to the most dynamic classes, Future Form has something for every yogi.

Thanks to our exceptional facilities and inspiring teachers, you'll be filled with vitality and come out centered, ready to face the outside world with a clear and serene mind.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is an exhilarating, joyful and graceful discipline that is within everyone's reach. The yoga poses are performed suspended in a hammock, specially designed for this practice. There are classic yoga postures as well as poses specific to the practice of aerial yoga. Working in weightlessness thanks to aerial yoga will allow you to develop your agility and to better situate yourself in space.

The beautiful hammocks that we offer are handcrafted by an acrobatic and aerial craftsman in Florida.



Piloxing® is an intense cardio dance discipline that uses the most up-to-date techniques, incorporating split and barefoot exercise formats, which serve to work endurance and burn a maximum of calories.

The discipline, conceived in Los Angeles in 2010 by Swedish dancer and renowned coach Viveca Jensen, is a physically and mentally rewarding method. Piloxing was an overnight success in the US, and Future Form was the first to bring this extraordinary discipline to Nice in 2015.

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